Windy season

Windy Season

Nov-Aug Wind: 12-25 knots Wind Direction: Side Shore

Sisal is one of the windiest kiteboarding destinations in Mexico

and has great wind conditions almost all year around. Kilometers of empty white sand beaches, the shallow waters of the Gulf of Mexico and windy coastline make for an idyllic kiteboarding paradise. Windy season is from November to August. Yet, the best months to travel and kite this remote kiteboarding paradise is during thermal wind season from March to July. The thermal wind, also called the “brisa” (breeze) by the locals, starts to blow around 12 pm once the heating of the earth creates a thermal effect. The first hours of the afternoon the wind reaches around 12 to 15 knots and from 4pm or 5pm starts to increase to approximately 20 knots until sunset. The direction of the thermal wind is northeast, side shore to the beach. Those side shore winds and the oceans low depth makes it perfect for beginners. This thermal effect is usually created every day as long as it’s not cloudy or rainy. At this time of the year the ocean water shines in an amazing mix of caribbean turquoise and emerald green. Usually there is no wind during the mornings and the ocean is really calm, which gives you the possibility to relax or do some other activities like StandUp Paddle boarding on the butter flat ocean, an ecological tour to the Cienega lagoon or some yoga among others. From the end of october and beginning of November until march (winter season), the dominant wind direction is from the north and doesn’t have a time pattern. You can practice kitesurfing in the mornings or in the afternoons depending on the wind forecast. We also get some east and northeast winds, which means there are days when the wind can be onshore, side shore or completely side shore. Usually the climate is great, occasionally some cold fronts appear two or three times a month with winds of up to 25 knots. The colours of the ocean are not that idyllic like during summer time.

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